Under 18s & Children

There is FREE DENTAL CARE for teenagers under 18 years old in NZ, for those who choose to enrol with us any time between the age of 13 and before their 18th birthday.

Children Up To 18yrs

Dental services are provided free in New Zealand for under 18 year old’s and is a valuable service. We welcome college students (13-18 years of age) enrolments for regular examinations and procedures. 

Further appointments for a scale and polish, fluoride treatments, or to get a mouth-guard fitted, orthodontic referrals, apply fissure sealants and other preventative treatments can be discussed at the examination.

Just How Important Is Dental Care To My Child?

Dental care is important for their health and well-being at all ages. We provide education sessions to help them maintain their teeth and gums in good condition and prevent decay throughout their life. 

Dental hygiene and practices may need to change with age. First teeth require gentle care, children need to learn healthy teeth cleaning habits and as we age we may need more regular check-ups and reconstructive and aesthetic work.

Babies With First Teeth

Access Dental can advise you on healthy habits to maintain their  teeth and gums. When and how to brush, fluoride and diet advice.

teenagers standing around in a circle looking face down at a camera
Teenagers having fun

Check Out Our Kids Package

$150 $99 Light scale and Air Flow plus Flouride Application, especially good for Orthodontic patients, patients with genetic history of gum disease, or heavily maintained teeth. 

This procedure is also good for the removal of heavy staining for those competitive swimmers that may experience this from the long term and frequent effects of chlorine.

Preventative Care

Regular checkups are important to keep your child’s teeth and gums in good condition. Our education programmes will show children how to take care of their daily dental hygiene.


Prevent broken teeth and possible concussion from trauma. Let us custom fit a mouthguard for your child or yourself to protect teeth from injury.


If your child’s teeth are not growing straight or they have crowding problems, we can guide and refer you for orthodontic care.