Tooth Jewellery in Nelson

Add sparkle to your smile with tooth jewellery.

Tooth jewellery is for anyone who wants a dazzling smile. It is a painless procedure not involving any invasive treatment like drilling holes in the tooth. 

Tooth jewellery is glued to your teeth with a strong bond. It remains there as long as you want it and leaves no mark on your tooth when removed.

There are many jewels you can wear on your teeth. Tooth gems are crystal glass mounted on a thin foil of aluminum to create an attractive sparkle and are available in many different colours.

Just ask your dental professional to polish it off if you want a change.

Check out our great teeth whitening options to accompany your tooth jewellery.

The most favoured tooth jewellery is a ‘diamond’. It catches the light and sparkles, showing off your beautiful teeth. Tooth jewellery can be positioned wherever you want on your teeth, and you can have more than one on a single tooth.