65 Plus

Dental Care For 65yrs And Over

Preventative and often comprehensive Dental care is essential for those 65yrs and older, to keep teeth and gums in good condition for general health and well-being.

Grey Power and Gold Card Loyalty

Access Dental offers a Grey Power and/or Gold Card Loyalty scheme for seniors. Make a $8.00 automatic direct deposit weekly in advance to ensure you have the funds to pay for necessary dental care. 

This accumulative credit in your account will pay for your (and/ or a designated family member) a check up, and routine scale and polish every 6 months. You will also enjoy the benefits of a discount on all your treatment. If you don’t use your funds in any given year, the credit remains on your account until your next appointment. 

You can put it towards further dental procedures, you can choose to gift it to a family member, or donate to the Smile Foundation, a wonderful programme providing dental care to those who can’t afford it. 

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Access Dental can fit your new dentures, repair damaged or ill-fitting dentures and show you how best to care for your dentures.

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Just How Important Is Dental Care?

Dental care is important for your overall health and well-being at all ages. We provide education sessions to help you maintain your teeth and gums in good condition and prevent decay throughout your life. 

Dental hygiene and practices may need to change with age. First teeth require gentle care, children need to learn healthy teeth cleaning habits and as we age we may need more regular check-ups and reconstructive and/or aesthetic work.

Adults and Families

Maintain your dental health for a great smile. Prevention is far better than having to undergo extensive reconstructive dentistry.


We all want to keep our natural teeth as long as possible and Access Dental will help you to achieve this. Recognizing that many over 65’s are on a fixed income, Access Dental offers a Loyalty card program with benefits to help you get the dental services you need.