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Our Dental Wellness Programme makes it easier for you to save for your dental treatment. Set up your advanced auto payment of $10 a week and watch it add up without you noticing! 

We want your oral health to be a priority, regular examinations, dental hygiene, and preventative treatments are the most effective and affordable way to bring your dental costs down.

We encourage you to use your advanced payments to the Access Dental Loyalty Membership to help fund an annual checkup and regular hygiene procedures, products and dental procedures. If you don’t use the full amount, you can choose to let it ‘roll over’ for future dental care and maintenance, gift it to a family member, or you may wish to help others in need, and donate it to Smile New Zealand.

Have peace of mind that when you need dental care, the funds are there to pay for it.
This may suit those on a fixed income, or those who prefer to budget and put money aside for dental treatment knowing regular checkups reduce the need for more expensive restorative work in future.

For Gold Card and Grey Power members we offer a further incentive, along with the other benefits of becoming an Access Dental Loyalty Member, we at Access Dental acknowledge fixed incomes or a reduction in income, along with higher maintenance needs can be financially stressful. As a valuable part of our community, your Loyalty Program starts at an advanced payment of $8.00 per week, with a 6.5% discount on dental services with your Grey Power Membership and 5% discount on dental services with your Gold Card.

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Smile New Zealand – helping those in need

Many adults are missing out on basic dental care because they can’t afford it. Smile New Zealand is providing free dental care for up to 1500 low income adults. This initiative is funded and organised by Southern Cross Health Trust and the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA).

In May 2015, 83 dentists generously donated their time at their cost and the clinics have been made available to adults who hold a Community Services Card. There will be a second program in November.

Each 40 minute appointment allows the patient to receive one dental treatment consisting of basic but essential dental care which could range from a filling, extraction, relief of pain or sorting an infection to preventative care such as fluoride applications or a scale and polish. Patients also receive oral health education and a free hygiene pack.